Be a better version of yourself

Find Your Voice, Find Your

People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of. Paulo Coelho, Alchemist.

Because leadership matters. Because finding out who you are matters. Because achieving results, connecting with others, making great change, really matter. 

Because you want to live and lead on purpose. 
Driven. Focused. Inspired. Fulfilled.


Lorri L Sulpizio

When we get comfortable being uncomfortable, when we are willing to take risks, when we are open to examining the not-so-pretty parts of ourselves, then, and only then, will we develop into the person we can be. 

**  I am currently analyzing data for our women's leadership identity research. This started from the Women in Higher Education colloquium, and I'm working with amazing women who are working to move women' and leadership theory forward.


2015 Women in Higher Education Summit at University of San Diego

August 2-5, 2015


Women's Leadership Academy

 On the campus of the University of San Diego, the WLA works to increase women's leadership capacity by offering training and development programs, and examining the complex social forces most relevant to women and leadership. 

We Will Blossom

A Center for the development of women and girls Leadership. Based in San Diego, Blossom offers workshops, summer camps, leadership series, and a women's book club.