Be a better version of yourself

I’m a teacher, a coach, a consultant, a mother, a wife, a firm believer in fitness and wellness… Well, certainly not always in that order.

I’m a mother, a wife, a sister, a coach, a teacher, a writer, a speaker, a consultant, and a believer in fitness. That’s probably a bit more like it. 

I love to learn and would be happy to stay in school forever if I could make a living doing so. My journey has been an eventful one. One that started with a dream to be a writer, and evolved into being a college basketball coach, fitness professional and personal trainer. That chapter lasted for about 13 years, and unexpectedly, I was forced to find a new path. Leadership has always felt comfortable to me. I’m not saying I am the best at doing it, but I understood the need for it, and recognized a demand to help people become better at leadership. So, that is what I currently do--Make people better at being themselves. 

A fundamental belief I have is that leadership is NOT management. Leadership is not a role that we hold, not authority or power or a position. It is something much more. Leadership is addressing the tough problems. It is facilitating change. It managing transitions. Leadership is at the core of who we are. Everyone does leadership.

My educational degrees align with my career aspirations and professional callings, and in many ways mirror the journey my life has taken. I have a BA in English and Women’s Studies from Cal Poly SLO. I have a MA in Sport Psychology from San Diego State and I have a PhD in Leadership from the University of San Diego.

I have coached college-level athletes to conference championships and guided executives of million dollar companies to create strategic plans. I teach an array of leadership and business courses, and have brought a room of 200 women to their feet, clapping, after a presentation--one of my most memorable career moments, actually. 

I believe in the complexity of life’s processes and the power of relationships and group dynamics. I believe that things happen for a reason and that greatness is made, not born. I like working with people, coaching people, and helping people become a better version of themselves, in whatever capacity it might be.

Lorri L Sulpizio