Be a better version of yourself

Lorri L Sulpizio

Lorri is an engaging speaker, presenter and workshop facilitator. She blends the latest in academic research, including her own ongoing leadership research, with the lived experience the real world, adding her own perspective based on her life and expertise. She is engaging and entertaining, and will challenge the audience to raise their level of leadership and encourage them to become a better version of themselves.

All of her speaking engagements are customized and personalized for the audience. She has thought-provoking and relevant content for a corporate or business event, educational or informative setting, or for a more inspirational and inspiring presentation. 

Speaking Topics:

Do you have an event where you need a speaker? Check out the information below to get a sense of my life, my journey, and my beliefs about leadership. If you’re not sure what you are looking for in a speaker, or if you have a sense of what you want but don’t know how to find the right person, send me an email and we will set up a phone call. I will create a keynote customized for your event, your audience. If you are looking for a more corporate or business approach, I have that too. Take a look at my company, Lotus Leadership Institute to get a better sense of the professional perspective. 

I don’t really have boxed speeches, because I believe that every group, every audience, has a life and culture of it’s own and I try to connect each speaking engagement to the purpose of the group or the event to make it relevant. That being said, there are several topics that I have expertise in, and you can see some of them below. I believe that speeches and presentations come alive with stories. So like to tell and share stories. Some are my own stories, and some are the stories of friends and family, or fables and myths that entertain and educate at the same time. 

I like to blend humor with serious thought and challenge people to look deeper within themselves. It’s all about being a better version of yourself.

You can read more about me on the “About” page. But there are some other experiences I’ve had that make for good presentation material.

▪ I was 10 years into my college basketball coaching career, on the path to work my way up the athletic department and become an administrator, when I was abruptly fired with no notice. My athletic director didn’t give me any reason, he just said he was “exercising his right” to fire me. I was 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child. In an instant, my world, as I knew it completely changed. I had a sense I was fired because I had been raising issues of gender equity. And because I was gay. Some amazing lawyers took up my case and we ended up in a 3 year law suit that went to trial. It was the most difficult and taxing thing I have ever been through. I had to reinvent my life, create a new career path, find a new sense of self, and re-create my confidence that had been shaken, and shaken hard. We won in a trial by jury-guilty of Title IX retaliation. This experience has so many stories within the story-friendship, support, and collaboration. Voice, courage, and gender discrimination. Betrayal, fear, and misguided policies, and so much more. 

▪ Parenting is definitely the biggest leadership challenge there is. There is no leadership role that matches the role of mother. I have four children, and have spent more than a decade making mistakes, creating small miracles, navigating change, managing competing personal dynamics, resolving conflict, setting goals, achieving goals, establishing a good reward system, reevaluating the bottom line, and trying to bring out the best in people--all while changing diapers, doing dishes, and helping with homework. Motherhood, and parenting in general, is an exemplary leadership action, and provides good supplemental material for many talks.

▪ By the time I was 35 I had a decade of coaching college basketball, received a PhD, published several articles and book chapters, sued the second largest community college district in California for discrimination and WON, given birth to four amazing babies, and started a leadership development and consulting company. How did I do all of this? Aside from being very driven and high-energy, I have an amazing support system of family and friends. My very diverse and non-linear life journey, when combined with leadership lessons and audience activities, makes for an engaging conversation.

▪ I believe we, as a society, are misusing the word leadership. Leadership is commonly used to mean a role of power and authority, and really, it is so much more than that. Leadership is an exercise. It is something that we DO, not something that we are. Most people have varied concepts of leadership and a misunderstanding of what it really constitutes to be an effective leader. 

Some Topics for Girls and Women's Groups:

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