Be a better version of yourself

Lorri L Sulpizio


Through Lotus Leadership Institute I offer leadership training and organizational consulting. We ha​ve a variety of services that will meet the leadership, management, and cultural needs of all organizations. At Lotus Leadership, we make the organization a better version of itself. 
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​Some of the courses I offer are: Conflict Management, Change Management, Women and Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Crucial Conversations, Managing Accountability, The Voice of Leadership


Sometimes we need help to get on the right path. Coaching is very different from consulting, mentoring, advice, or counseling. As your coach, I address specific personal projects, life situations, business successes, your environmental conditions and the transitions in the your life. Life coaching takes a broader perspective, and includes elements of both your personal and professional life. Executive coaching is focused on your role within your organization and professional career. Together, we will examine what is going on right now in your life; the factors that are contributing to your successes and the elements that are hindering your from being your best self. Through assessments, conversations, exercises, readings, and a lot of exploration, we will discover what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choose a course of action to make you be the best version of your self you can be.


Are your meetings a bore? Do you want to bring a hot topic to a group you are working with? Is your group talking about the same issues month after month? Do you or your group need help getting focused, accomplishing your goals, and making your meetings more productive? I can help by teaching you how to run an effective meeting, or coming in and facilitating a meeting for you. 
As a start, here are some tips: Have a clear purpose and share that with your group. Set time boundaries to ensure you are progressing through your agenda and then stick to them! Work to manage the dynamics and create a safe environment that values everyone’s contributions