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Some of the most powerful words, images and memories in life are related to sports.

Sports can prompt normally reserved introverts to behave as raving fanatics and can cause the biggest and bravest among us to shed a tear in moments of triumph or sorrow. Our nation’s emphasis on sports and exercise continues to grow: kids get hyper-focused on mastering a single sport at an early age, college athletes face the many anxieties and pressures to perform their best at every contest, club and competitive youth programs grow all over the country hiring coaches who are ill-equipped to bring out the best in your kids.

These things have consequences, and unfortunately, the ones who feel the most negative consequences are the athletes.

Commit to strengthening your leadership and mental edge with our programs that develop mental strength, leadership, and team cohesion.


Better Together in Athletics

We have all seen it. The more talented team loses because players are disconnected, in conflict, or can’t find a way to work together. We work with athletes and teams to build team cohesion by giving them skills to have the often avoided conversations, teach them a language to hold each other accountable while offering support, and giving them the courage to address team conflict before it derails their season. Anchored in the same theories and methods used by high-level leaders and their teams, this approach gives teams a unique edge in creating a culture where authenticity drives high performance and team trust leads to a collective excellence.

The Inner Athlete: Mastering Mindset

This program focuses on the mental strength of the athlete. When you get to a certain level, everyone is skilled. Everyone is fit. Everyone knows the game. The difference between a win and a loss, between great performance and disappointment, often comes down to mindset. Most programs spend their time developing sport-specific skills and fitness and conditioning. What is missing is mental strength–a trained inner athlete. This program focuses on:

  • Building confidence and finding ways to maintain a strong sense of self
  • Eliminating the negative self-talk that impedes performance
  • Establishing resilience and a strong spirit, especially during hard times and loss
  • Helping athletes find their voice to become a leader and advocate for themselves and their team
  • Addressing the athletes fears to optimize performance
  • Gaining awareness of the elements that get in the way of their game
  • Addressing issues of anxiety and stress to help athletes’ mental wellness
  • Strengthening mental toughness to allow consistent discipline and commitment

With a mix of mental skills training, reflection, visualization, and other exercises, athletes work either one-on-one, or with their full team to train their INNER athlete to the highest capacity.

The Coach’s Coach

Athletic coaching is a unique task. You must know your sport, understand how to build skills, strategize, make fast decisions, motivate and prepare your team, manage your staff, resolve conflict, set high goals, manage morale, and so much more. Many coaches find themselves as the head of a team after a strong career as a player, and haven’t had the leadership training required for the coaching role. With a leadership coach that knows athletics and understands the challenges you face; sport coaches can not only grow their capacity as leaders but also get the support they need as they move through their season.

Option 1: This program uses one-on-one coaching sessions ranging from 30-60 minutes and focuses on helping you find success in your role and develop yourself in the process.

Option 2: For club programs or athletic departments, develop

“Lorri knows athletics and Lorri knows leadership. This is the perfect combination for sport coaches who are willing to look in the mirror and hold themselves accountable for being their best as they lead their team.”

“Whether it’s talking through a dilemma and getting clarity on the best course of action, or getting ideas on how to create more confidence in my team, Lorri’s support was critical to my success and the success of our team.”

“I know sport coaches are leaders, but I never thought about the way I tried to lead. Once I put attention to myself as a leader I could create a culture on my team that set expectations, define our values, and helped our captains be the leaders on the field. Much of the work Lorri did with me I could take to my team. We all became stronger.”

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