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Leadership might be the greatest untapped potential in an organization.
And coaching is the way to take leadership development to a deeper level.

Effective leadership has the capacity to move people and processes forward, address difficult challenges, and inspire people to do the hard work. The challenge is that leadership does not happen naturally. It’s not a skill set you are born with or something that appears when you get promoted into a higher role. Effective leadership is a practice that requires mastery, focus, and intention. Similar to elite athletes who have mastered their craft, high performance is enhanced through precision and attention to details that matter. It requires you to be pushed and challenged, to receive feedback. The best leaders are coached by top coaches.

My unique coaching method integrates the best in leadership theory with psychology, systems thinking, and high-performance concepts. It begins with the self, and is anchored in an understanding of how we humans behave, how our systems impact our work, and how organizations operate.

For executives and administrators

The higher you are in an organization, the more your people expect you to display integrity, agility and courage, yet few people are willing to give the boss truthful and honest feedback.

Problems are complex, understanding context is a must, and your ability to meet people where they are is paramount. You are expected to make the difficult decisions, resolve conflicts, and set the tone for culture. These tasks require reflection, awareness and perspective, and an effective coach will both support you in your journey and push you to become better.

For athletes and sport coaches

Sport coaches have to develop both skill and strategy for their sport, make quick decisions, manage the relationships between players and their staff and hold on to the larger vision of their program. It’s difficult for coaches to get the feedback they need to grow. That’s where having a coach can help. And a coach that knows sport and athletics can provide the support and push you need to reach your potential and ensure you are developing your own skills around leading and managing you team.

Athletes are expected to perform at the highest level, manage stress, and be mentally and emotionally tough. Coaching for athletes help them fine-tune mental toughness, manage their emotions, and compete with confidence and courage.

For women leaders

Women face unique challenges in the workplace. Ongoing gender bias, such as double-standards, assumptions about motherhood and parenting, the expectation to follow a masculine-approach to leadership, and the added social pressure to have it all together makes being a leader a hard task for women.

Coaching helps women strengthen their leader identity and overcome common barriers they face with attempting to effectively lead. Coaching sessions focus on your most immediate challenges while also helping you take up your authority, lead with confidence and find your strong voice.

For Youth and Teens

More than ever, youth and teens are faced with challenges that create anxiety, stress, and discontent. Young adults need support to develop a strong sense of self, learn effective ways to navigate relationships, and develop strong boundaries to keep them emotionally safe. Not all kids need a therapist, yet the support of a coach who understands what they are going through and can help them develop the skills needed for adulthood can make all the difference.

Life Coaching

Life is messy and complex for all of us, and whether you have a formal leadership role, or not, we all want to live as our best self. I believe that everyone does leadership, and we all need to learn how to do it well. Additionally, brave leadership is a lifestyle and living in alignment with our values, setting boundaries, and having the real and hard conversations take practice. If you need a reboot, want to push your personal growing edge, or want to live a more courageous life, coaching is a great option.

Selecting a coach is an investment and a difficult process. You want to feel chemistry with your coach, feel like you ‘click’, yet you don’t want a person who only tells you what you want to hear and validates all your moves. You don’t want to base your choice on a fancy resumé or education, but a deeper level of understanding, experience, and methodology. It’s less important that your coach has worked in your field or has experienced the same challenges that you currently face and more important that their mindset and approach to leadership development resonates with you and that you feel aligned with the possible outcomes and development path your coach will take you.

A good coach will push you to your edge without letting you fall over. They won’t tell you what to do or give you advice, but will ask you the right questions so you can come to the clarity you need. They won’t be your advocate, but will be your ally as you journey outside your comfort zone to grow your capacity. A good coach will have done their own work and you will be able to feel their authenticity and self-awareness through your connection.

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