Education & School Leaders

We need teachers and administrators who both understand and model brave leadership.

Managing a classroom is tough and teachers and school leaders are juggling so many issues, yet incorporating brave leadership is very possible to do once you have the skill set to do it.

Our training for teachers and school leaders help them adopt a leadership practice that puts their values into action, have meaningful and honest conversations to address the core issues they face, and learn how to create a culture of leadership they would want their students to be a part of.

Offers & Programs

Dare to Lead™ Educators Edition

The four skill sets of courageous leadership make an impact not only on faculty, staff, and administrators, but on the students. This program uses issues most relevant in school settings to cultivate a culture that aligns with values, allows for accountability, and builds strong bonds of trust.

Leadership & Restorative Justice Impact Program

The principles of leadership align with the methods of restorative justice. Learn to build community, hear all voices, and create a safe place for people to repair and heal harms in this year-long program that develops effective leadership and creates connected cultures.

Teacher Leader Program

Support your department chairs, grade-level leads, and directors in this program that supports faculty growth into leadership skills. The move from teacher to leader is a difficult one. Leading others requires a different set of skills from executing a lesson plan. Learning to manage expectations, understanding the pressures of managing, giving open and honest feedback, and building trust among faculty are some of the key skills teachers learn in this program.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

The future of leadership rests in our students. As educators, we must prepare our students for living and leading in a diverse world where equity is valued and all voices are elevated.

This requires faculty, staff, and administrators to do their own work around equity and inclusion.

Our DEI programs for school incorporate a blend of education that leads to awareness, and awareness that leads to advocacy.

Learn more about our DEI work

Workshop Series

Create your own series of workshops on the topics most pressing and relevant to you. Workshops vary from 2 hours – a full day and are a great way to engage in transformational professional development.

Administrative & Board Retreats

Do more meaningful work in your next retreat. Surface real issues, explore barriers, build trust, and get more strongly connected with a retreat where you will roll up your sleeves and engage deeply.


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