Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging

Equity and inclusion work involves integrating deep personal development with policies and processes that support all people thriving in the workplace.

The benefit is real. Research continues to show how diverse teams do better in all aspects of business. No matter what industry, from education to large corporations, successful diversity with gender, race, age, ethnicity, sexual oreintation, and cultural backgrouds are more creative, more innovative, more effective in finding solutions to problems, and more successful financially.

The move from awareness to action must include an intentional focus on shifting mindsets and behaviors along with a willingness to hold people accountable…speaking up and speaking out to advocate for equity and belonging.

What is the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion? What skills do we need to effectively create workplaces where belonging is a core part of the culture?

  • Acknowledge, awareness, and understanding of our own biases
  • Ability to lean into discomfort and a willingness to own mistakes
  • Tools to have open and honest conversations about difficult topics.
  • Making choices from a place of empathy, compassion, and connection

DEI Offers: We Can Help

We understand the complexity and tenderness of doing equity and inclusion work. The need for a brave and contained space cannot be taken lightly. Our DEI work doesn’t offer a solution, rather a process for growth and transformation.


Offered on a variety of topics designed to challenge thinking and curate and openness to deeper understanding of how to create equitable and inclusive cultures. These workshops explore key elements of a culturally responsible organization, help define terms to create unity around language, and explore tools and skills needed to promote respect and belonging within our workplace cultures.


  • It Starts With Me: Identity and Accountability in DEI work
  • Unpacking and Disrupting Unconscious Bias
  • Understanding and Addressing Microaggressions
  • From Ally to Advocate: Become the solution
  • Gender Bias in the Workplace
  • Affirming Gender diversity & LGBTQ
  • Understanding Race and Ethnicity: Embracing Anti-racism

Courageous Conversations

To come together we must be able to talk to each other. Healing the divide and reconciling our trauma requires leaning into vulnerable conversations. These conversations are hard. Lorri and her team will facilitate open dialogue on the topics and help you engage in civil discourse. Making the space for different ideas and beliefs, you will connect in a brave dialogue space and build capacity to engage across difference.

Customized Program

Create a tailored workshop series or engage in brainstorming and exploration on how to create culture change with your team or organization. A customized approach is the best way to implement a directly relevant program that targets specific issues within your community and leads to sustainable change.

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We want to work with you and your team to build capacity around elevating equity and creating cultures of belonging.

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