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It’s time to choose courage over comfort

Leadership research reveals that the ideal leader is someone who cultivates a culture in which brave work, tough conversations, and whole hearts are the expectation. Based on the research of Brené Brown, this program gives leaders the tools to engage in brave leadership and create the kind of authentic cultures that are needed to thrive.

The program Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building program offering leaders skills for having hard conversations, holding themselves and others accountable, leading with empathy and connection, taking smart risks that lead to innovation, building trust, resetting quickly after disappointments and setbacks, and giving and receiving feedback – even when it’s tough. Especially when it’s tough.

Dare to Lead™ is the ultimate playbook for developing brave leaders and courageous cultures, with a collection of four courage skill sets that are 100% teachable, observable, and measurable:


Face risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure with courage, clarity and empathy.


Identify what you stand for and how to show up from a place of integrity every day.


Create meaningful and authentic connections in relationships with your teams, colleagues
and community so you can work together from a foundation of trust.


Learn and grow from the failures, setbacks, and disappointments that are inevitable when we are brave with our lives.

A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.

Leadership address the problems without a clear solution, problems that require us to unlearn old habits and patterns, develop more inclusive environments and find

In this 24-hour training, you will grow your willingness to step up, put yourself out there, and lean into courage. You will practice having honest and real conversations and address real and current challenges and dilemmas your organization is facing. You will begin to create a climate where authenticity, vulnerability, and dignity are actually lived out as principles of practice.

Research findings that support Dare to Lead are a combination of 20 years of research on courage, vulnerability, empathy, and shame, and 7 years of researching leadership including interviews with 150 leaders across disciplines from special forces military to Pixar, from Oil and Gas in Asia to nonprofits in Europe, and data collected from instrument development with MBA and eMBA students at Wharton, Kellogg, and the Jones School at Rice.

Become a  brave leader
and cultivate
cultures of courage

Training options






Full Dare to Lead™ Intensive 3-day  9 am – 4 pm

(7 hours / day)


2-3 hours of asynchronous work

For leaders who value the depth and intensity of an immersive experience 

Month-long Dare to Lead™ 4-hour workshops held weekly for one month In-person or virtual options 1-2 hours of asynchronous work required each week Leaders who prefer a moderate pace to learning with integration opportunities over the month.
Dare to Lead™ Extended

3-hour workshops offered over 6-8 weeks

In-person or virtual options

1 hour of asynchronous work require each week

For leaders who prefer a slower pace to the work. Ideal for impacted schedules.

Dare to Lead™ with Leadership Coaching 6-week program

2.5-hour sessions held weekly for 6 weeks.

3 one-on-one coaching sessions

In-person or virtual options

1 hour of asynchronous work require each week

For more advanced leaders and managers who want to integrate the skills more deeply into their leadership

Themed Workshops on a Dare to Lead™ Topic

2-4 hours

In-person or virtual options

Keynote presentation style with reflections questions, breakout groups, and follow-up resources

For people who want to become courageous leaders. For groups needing an inspiring keynote.  

Dare to Lead™ Individual leadership coaching

Dig deep into the work of courageous leadership with one-on-one coaching sessions that focus on the four pillars of courageous leadership.

Dare to Lead™ Internal Organization

Train your people in courageous leadership.

The training is always customized to your organizational needs, with time with key leaders and stakeholders in meetings, interviews and surveys to fully understand your company culture, the relevant issues you are facing, the vision of where you would like to go in order to make the program relevant and useful to you and your team.

Option for any of the above formats

Dare to Lead™ – Special groups

For women leaders, youth and teens, athletes

Bring the skills of courageous leadership to your group. A unique lens related to the issues and challenges more relevant to your group or industry is a great way to personalize and maximize transformation.

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Become A brave leader and cultivate cultures of courage.

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