People are
the priority

These programs don’t just feel different. They are different.

This community of leaders and learners are willing to find more creative and connected ways of doing things. We are not afraid to let go of “business as usual,” challenge the status quo and confront norms and standards that get in our way. We enter a space that feels messy and uncomfortable, but we do it side-by-side, showing up for each other and showing up for ourselves.

This is the real work of leadership.

With a set of core assumptions that drive all aspects of the work, you are guaranteed to dig deep into your beliefs and strengthen your sense of self, your ability to connect with others, and your capacity to solve problems.

It starts with you.

Who you are is how you lead. The best leaders are willing to develop self-awareness and embrace personal responsibility.

Meet people where they are, not where we want them to be:

People are at different levels, and we help you to learn how to meet them where they are. In turn, we meet you where you are. 

Hard work can be fun.

Music. Art. Laughter. Tears. It’s all possible in the work we do. Our programs transform your capacity but also engage your spirit. We take-risks and grow together.

Learning is what matters.

We don’t strive to be perfect. We strive for growth. We don’t expect to be right, we try to get it right. This is a life-long journey and we are in it with you for the long haul.

Our workplaces need a new approach to leadership.

We need equity, empathy, compassion, and inclusion at the forefront of our leadership efforts. We need leaders who value listening and curiosity, and embrace vulnerability. We have to learn to lead differently.

What to expect

Data-driven, personalized design

Using surveys, intake meetings, and personnel interviews, every program is specific to you and your team.

We use the latest research to inform our curriculum and design innovative programs.

Prioritizing presence and deep work.

This looks like slowing down to get intentional about the work we are doing. It’s taking the time to breathe, reflect, and peel the layers back so we can get to meaningful change.

Hard questions asked in brave spaces.

We want to uncover what is keeping us stuck. This might mean exposing the elephant in the room, thinking about what voices are not being heard, and surfacing the topics we are avoiding.

Begin part of a community of practice

Effective leadership requires ongoing support, accountability, and development. You become part of a wide community of practice with ongoing support, resources, and guidance available to you.

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