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One of the best ways to roll out an effective culture of courageous leadership is by training all levels of the organization.

Workshops are a great way to bring engaging and relevant professional development to large numbers of your team. Integrating data-driven theory with applied practice, and using experiential and challenging exercises with thoughtful and honest dialogue, participants roll up their sleeves and do the work to become braver and better both personally and professionally.

Leaders need new skills to be effective in the workplace

  • We’ve been thrust into uncertain times, having to lead in unstable and ever-changing environments. People are divided across issues and ideologies.
  • Workshops and training are data-driven and people-centered.
  • We create an experiential environment so people can practice the skills they are wanting to build.
  • We engage participants in creative ways to make learning last. The goal is more than training, it’s transformation.
  • Whatever your industry, you need leaders who know how to build trust, cultivate connection, and think creatively when solving problems.

Unlock your
skill set

Dare to Lead™

The Dare to Lead™ program teaches people the four skills-sets of courageous leadership and begins the path to courageous cultures.

Based on the work and research for Brené Brown, this program has the option for the full 24-hour Dare to Lead™ certificate as well as 2-3 hour special-topic workshops modules.

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ELEVATE Manager Program

Designed to help managers elevate their skills and be more effective, this 10-module certificate program through the Conscious Leadership Academy at USD includes 30 hours of content with optional coaching circles. Readings, videos, and other resources are provided to make this a fully comprehensive and transformational program. Offered in multiple formats and with several calendar options, this program transforms manager capacity.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

This is the work of the future. People are feeling the pressure and tension of inequity, bias, discrimination and harassment.

Our workplaces MUST become equitable and inclusive. And we need leaders who know how to do this work and are willing to stay accountable to culture and structural change.

Build skills around equity, inclusion, and belonging

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Women’s Leadership

Women face unique challenges in the workplace and deserve training and development that address the issues and barriers they encounter.

Support your women leaders.

Designed uniquely for women leaders, these workshops help women build the skills to thrive in the workplace and feel strong in their personal agency.

This program welcomes women and people of all genders.

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Customized Workshop Series

Create your own program based on the needs of your people, your culture, and your organization.

Customized workshops series can include topics in leadership, culture change, management, as well as specific

We work with you to create a program that will serve your community’s learning and growth.

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Most requested topics:

  • Creative Conflict Management
  • Emotions Matter: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Got Stress? A Leader’s Guide to Self-Care
  • Value-Based Leadership: Define What Matters Most
  • The Feedback Workshop: Learn to Give and Receive Feedback
  • Women & Leadership: Voice, Power, & Confidence
  • Building Trust: Become the Leader People Believe In
  • Building Trust: Foster a Culture That Thrives
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Workshops range from two-hour sessions to full-day intensives and are customized to be relevant and applicable for your organization.

Workshop series include a combination of leadership topics offered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Ranging from a 4-part series to an extensive 10-part program, this is a great way to create a culture of leadership and build sustainable change.

Workshops are offered both in-person and virtual format

Cost is based on number of participants, length of program, and optional customized elements e.g., coaching, culture survey, etc.

Get in touch about our workshops or schedule a 20-min call to explore options for you and your team.

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